Manage Modules

  • Master Entry: This module contains the following categories religion, community, cities, state, blood group, relationship and degree. The admin can add, edit and view the details of the above categories. These will help us for the employee registration and search them easily.
  • Menu access: The menu access module is used to what are the menus can be accessed to the branch. Administrator can give these permission to the branch and the users.
  • Bio-Metric Settings: This module contains the username, password, code and URL setup of the bio-metric device.
  • Devices: This modules can contains the device name, code and type .the admin can edit the device code, name and type.
  • Salary Component: This module is used to add what are all the salary components to be preferred for the employee and also view, edit the salary components.
  • Leave Component: This module is used to add what are all the leave components to be preferred to the employee and also view, edit the leave components.
  • Jobs Modules: The job module maintains the following categories job title, pay grades, job-Categories and Job sub-categories. Admin can add, view, and edit the details of above categories.
  • Settings: The settings module contains the following categories Application, print, SMS, company and branch settings. The user can update the following details.
  • OT Settings: The OT Settings modules can be used for the over time settings to the employee.
  • Work shift: The work shift time modules are used to set the employee shift category that is day/night and timings of the shift categories. The admin can add, view and edit the shift categories.
  • Lunch Time: The lunch time modules is used to set the lunch group and time for that employee and also view and edit the lunch time settings.

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